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Accessories That Come With The Machine
Everything that's included with standard O2E2 purchase.
Cannula - 20 in.

Cannula - 20 in.

Oxygen Machine Water Bottle

Oxygen Machine
Water Bottle


50 Foot
Supply Hose

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O2E Information

Optional Machine Accessories Below:

Choose accessories and quantities separately in the cart, or click the 'Purchase Accessories' button to buy without an oxygen machine.

14 ft - $10
25 ft - $13
50 ft - $15

Pulse Oxymeter Clips to finger to measure pulse and heart rate.

Additional Cannula
for 5 lpm units
1 for $3
12 for $30
25 for $55
50 for $78
Cannula - 7 ft.
High Flow for 10 – 15 lpm units
1 for $5
12 for $50
25 for $85
50 for $160

Male-Male Adaptor
To connect a female hose end to another female hose end.

Nipple Nut Adaptor
aka Christmas Tree
Used to bypass the water bottle to attach the long hose or long cannula directly to the O2E2. We advise against this as it may dry out nostrils.

Splits the flow from the machine or joins two units into one.
Oxygen Machine Water Bottle
We recommend distilled water. Change weekly.

Oxygen Mask
For mild to moderate exercise and rest and combining with HBOT soft chambers usage.

Connects to CPAP machine fitting and CPAP tubing. Oxygen hose connects to the side port.
Water Trap
Collects any water build-up in nasal cannula.

RoEzIt® Dermal Care
Apply before beginning O2E2 and as needed during sessions to lubricate the nasal area.
1 oz. - $9.97

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