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Frequently Asked Questions

22 Page PDF Introducing the Turbo Oxygen System

Many of you remember from 5-10 Years ago when you began using our 5 or 10LPM O2E2 oxygen concentrators and a nose cannula or 1 liter reservoir bag/mask to deliver the O2 during exercise or rest. We had some great results with thousands of people but...Read More

O2E2. What is it?
We call ours O2E2® Oxygen Enhanced Exercise and Rest

Because they are short, roundish and remind me of the Star Wars robot R2D2®. O2E2® actually stands for Oxygen + Energy Squared or Oxygen Enhanced Exercise. We add "rest" because you can nap or sleep with them. .

In order to provide the most affordable prices to our customers, we use a variety of market-leading-brand generators and sometimes combine them to enhance their effectiveness. While our machine brands may vary, you can be confident of the top specifications of your unit when you receive any of our O2E2® approved machines. Only the top performers receive our O2E2® sticker, allowing peace of mind that you are receiving the best.

How do I know my transaction will be safe?

Our online shopping cart and security technology ensures the safest and most reliable checkout experience for our customers.

Is there a sales tax?

Our business is located in NC. If your order is from NC you will be charged a sales tax.

Is the machine or system easy to use?  

Yes. Basically you plug it in, turn it on. It is ready in about one minute. For the bag system. Start the machine, fill the bag, connect with the mask hoses

How much does the machine weigh?  

From 2 to 60 pounds. Unit specifications are revealed when clicking on the individual machine icons.

Can I change the amount of oxygen that comes out?  

Yes. There is a flow knob that goes from one-half liter per minute to 5 liters or 10 liters per minute or more, depending on the production capacity of the unit.

How much oxygen do the units produce?

All of our units produce 93% – 95% oxygen. NONE produce 100%. .

How does it make the oxygen?  

It takes air from the room, filters out the nitrogen and gives you the pure oxygen. The nitrogen is absorbed by the zeolite in canisters inside the machine.

How long will it last?  

They are built to last over 10,000 hours

Do I need a prescription or health evaluation?   

No, not to buy a machine or reservoir bags.

What comes with the machine?

For Recreation and Hobby use, you will receive a 50-foot hose, 1 nasal cannula, a humidifier bottle and a manual. Extra Machine Accessories. Please see our accessory link.

Turbo Oxygen Reservoir Bag: One 500 or 900 liter Bag, one mask small medium or large, two bag to mask connector hoses.

Extra Bag accessories: Please see our accessory link.

Turbo Mega-Flow mask. : Small Medium or Large. The large one was quite sufficient for 6’6 300 pound football player.

What kind of health benefits can it provide?

We do not provide medical advice. Search “oxygen” on the website. Seek additional information regarding medical and non-medical uses by visiting our sponsors at They offer at no charge to private association members several PDF searchable books related to Manfred Von Ardenne, Oxygen Multistep Therapy, Majid Ali, Oxygen and Aging and others. We can say that we believe massive amounts of supplemental oxygen is the strongest source of accelerating health, well being, endurance, strength and recovery and greatly reducing the possibility of sickness

Can I use the machine with my CPAP/BIPAP?   

Yes, we offer a CPAP adaptor for $6.00

Where are you located?   

Charlotte, NC.

Where does the machine ship from?  

The closest distribution center to the customer via FedEx ground or UPS ground. There are several distribution points across the USA. Worldwide ships mostly from China.

Estimated time for arrival?  

Within 4 – 14 days depending on national holidays and inclement weather./p>

Why an O2E2®?  

We stand behind our products. We have the best system and prices in the country. Many oxygen concentrators/generators are sold by private parties or small companies that may not withstand the test of time. We have been in business for over 20 years and have sold thousands!

What is your return/refund Policy? 

Rebuilt units can be returned within 30 days of delivery for full credit towards a larger unit; or refund of purchase price, less $225.00 (Continental USA). We do not ship rebuilt units outside Continental USA. The unit must be received in good operating condition. You MUST call us for a Return Authorization Number (RAP) and return shipping address.

New machines become used so we must by law sell them for rebuilt at rebuilt prices and this will greatly reduce your refund.

Reservoir bags can be returned within 30 days of delivery for full credit towards a larger bag (increased cost plus $50.00 shipping); or refund of purchase price, less $150.00 (Worldwide) upon receipt of bag in good condition.

Note Optional use of TWO bags together is possible for extra long sessions.

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