For Vitality, Robust Health & Well Being
Incredible benefits to brain function, immunity,
strength, endurance & reducing inflammation

Generating healing effects without the use of drugs, chemicals, surgery or invasive techniques. Super-oxygenation drives O2 into parts of the body where cells may have already turned to fermentation for their energy needs, instead of utilizing available O2 ­ a dangerous situation all round. Our system starts a restorative process where normally there would be none because there is no cellular energy for it

The ultimate in fitness enhancement in a fraction of the time. Exponential benefits to stationary or moving fitness programs including augmenting many programs for handicapped. We have the most versatile and affordable stamina, recovery and endurance system in the world: Exercise, rest or the best sleep many have had in years. One, two or three people can use one system simultaneously. Floor space needed is as little as 5 square feet.
World class athletes will often not reveal their fitness secrets because they want to keep them to themselves. Make us YOUR SECRET WEAPON

World's largest & most trusted supplier of new, reconditioned, and refurbishedoxygen-generator systems and reservoir bags.
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All units include Bonus information and equipment/accessories valued at $183 including a 32-page confidential proprietary INFOPACK revealing:

Our machines are your solution to the most affordable oxygen supplementation system available for exercise,rest,vitality, and facials.  
There is no reason to pay more!

In order to provide the most affordable prices to our customers, we use a variety of market-leading-brand generators and sometimes combine them to enhance their effectiveness. While our machine brands may vary, you can be confident of the top specifications of your unit when you receive any of our O2E approved machines. Only the top performers receive our O2E sticker, allowing peace of mind that you are receiving the best!

Our personal commitment is to deliver oxygen generators that have industry-leading specifications while offering affordable prices to our customers. This allows more people to enjoy the opportunity of owning their own personal machine.

Generator UsesOxygen Facials -  Oxygen Enhanced Exercise and Rest - Oxygen Bar 
- Oxygen Spa - Aromatherapy 

For uses other than the above, here is a link to Supplier Contact Information for: 
Glass Bead Making  Glass Lampworking - Fish Farming Glass Blowing - Jewelry Making - Goldsmithing - Welding. click here


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